@ddlovato: I want kick-box while eating a big fat cheeseburger covered in chocolate and cry while I watch the notebook all at the same time. Anybody?

Every Klaine moment ever



I swallow hard. I don’t think. I just bend my knees and jump. The air howls in my ears as the ground surges toward me, expanding and growing, or I surge toward the ground, my heart pounding so fast it hurts, every muscle in my body tensing as the falling sensation drags at my stomach. The hole surrounds me as I drop into darkness.

Every Character I LoveAria Montgomery (Pretty Little Liars)

“Am I just destroying everything I touch?”

Lea Michele on Live With Kelly & Michael (09-01-14)

Glee Meme | Seven Outfits (5/7)
↳ Santana in 2x12


Are you like any of the other characters in Glee? (*)